• Arman H May 29, 2018

    Why I Run

    People run for many reasons, whether it’s to get exercise, for the competition, or to relieve stress. We asked a few Tiux Ambassadors, “Why do you run?” Here’s how they responded. "Running brings me so much joy all around which motivates me intrinsically. It’s my quiet time but then again when running as a group it’s my social time too! I love the feeling of just running for fun just as...


  • Arman H Jan 26, 2018

    Benefits of Strength Training for Runners

    For many people, running and strength training are two activities that seem to be at odds with one another. On the one hand, running is a solitary activity where the participants draw little attention to themselves and their short shorts. On the other hand, weight lifting can be an intimidating endeavor for the uninitiated, one where a runner’s physique is often considered a disadvantage. There are many reasons runners should...


  • Arman H Dec 06, 2017

    Recognizing Irrational Thoughts in Training

    Many runners are Type A personalities who struggle with seeking perfectionism within a sport that is difficult to control. For serious runners, depression and anxiety can play a significant role, especially when factors outside of their control such as bad weather, injury, or a poor race performance. In some instances, these setbacks can lead to a downward mental and emotional spiral, marred by irrational thinking. Recognizing these irrational thoughts and...


  • Arman H Dec 04, 2017

    Finding Motivation to Run

    Often, the hardest part of running is taking the first few steps out the door. In fact, sports psychologists have discussed the psychology of motivation at length, citing that motivation can be difficult because running is an energy-intensive exercise, historically reserved for evading danger or finding food. How can you find motivation to get out the door? Tried and true methods are discussed below. Remind Yourself Why Runners tend to...


  • Arman H Aug 15, 2017

    Tips for Developing a Race Strategy

    Photo by Heather Lee-Callaghan. Have you ever stood on the starting line and had a competitor ask you about your race plan, only to realize that you had not given it a thought? Developing a race strategy not only provides peace of mind and confidence on race day, but can help you achieve your goals when executed properly. Below are tips for helping you develop the best plan for your...