Tiux Race Compression Socks - Skyscraper


Run the NYC streets in our limited edition Skyscraper Race Compression Socks. 

Tiux Race Compression Socks are designed to keep your legs energized so that you can run your best race. With an optimal compression rating of 20-30 mmHg, these socks feature graduated compression technology to help improve blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recovery.


Graduated Compression Technology

Tiux Race Compression Socks are specifically designed with graduated compression technology to enhance circulation and increase the level of oxygenated blood to your legs to prevent fatigue, cramping and swelling. Our socks provide the ideal compression support to keep your legs energized, reduce muscle fatigue and speed up muscle recovery.

Ultimate Comfort & Fit

Anatomically constructed for a perfect fit to prevent blistering and irritation. Tiux socks are made from the finest technical yarns and will wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. No need to worry about any pinching or constriction, our socks provide all day comfort with seamless toe, targeted footbed padding and stay-put cuffs.

Premium Quality

Tiux socks are made with 200 needle count machines and high performance yarns to provide greater durability, moisture management and breathability. We blur the line between form and function with our innovative design features that include targeted ankle stabilization and arch support.

For Athletes and Everyday Wear

Tiux Race Compression Socks will keep your legs fresh and pain-free, whether you're running a marathon or on your feet all day at work. These socks are perfect for runners, cross-fitters, endurance athletes, air travelers or people with poor circulation in their legs.


  • Wide top band for comfort
  • Made with 200 needle count machines for ultimate durability, comfort and fit
  • Targeted ankle support and stabilization
  • Y-heel for contoured perfect fit
  • Built-in arch support for added stability and comfort
  • Specific heel and toe padding provides cushion and shock absorption
  • Seamless toe for maximum comfort
  • Constructed with filament yarn for superior moisture management and breathability
  • Left and right anatomical design

Tiux compression socks are in unisex sizes. Please measure the circumference of your ankle and calf to find your recommended size. If you are in between sizes, we suggest sizing down for better compression.

Ankle Circumference

6.75 - 8.25 in
17 - 21 cm

7.5 - 9 in
19 - 23 cm

8.25 - 9.75 in
21 - 25 cm

9 - 10.75 in
23 - 27 cm

Calf Circumference

10.25 - 14.25 in
26 - 36 cm

11.5 - 15.5 in
29 - 39 cm

12 - 16.5 in
32 - 42 cm

13.75 - 17.75 in
35 - 45 cm

Shoe Size

5 - 8 US W
36 - 39 EU

7 - 10 US W
6 - 8.5 US M
37 - 41 EU

9 - 12 US WM
7.5 - 10.5 US M
40 - 44 EU

9.5 - 12 US M
43 - 36 EU